Where have all the boxes gone?

For years, I’ve tossed all of my outgoing personal mail in the tray at work. The postal carrier arrived each day and took it away. Recently, for a period of ten days, I was between jobs. I had to sign and send in a form that couldn’t be done electronically. Nothing complicated. All I wanted to do was mail a letter. An actual honest to God paper envelope with a $.50 stamp on it. Sounds easy, right? Nope. There’s no place in my apartment building lobby to safely leave mail so I started my campaign to find a street corner mail box.  I never did find one.  Where have they all gone?   I live in a very nice suburban neighborhood but the post office is small, quaint and inconvenient.  No parking lot, limited street parking and the only way to mail a letter is to go into the building. The last time I went there I was almost run down by a driver looking as their phone as I crossed the street.  The only other post office is several miles away. Yes, it has mail boxes you can drive up to and drop letters in from your car but it’s out of my way.  In truth, I could have driven back and forth to that post office five times to cover the mileage I put on my car looking for a damned mail box.  Imagine my sigh of relief when I started my new job and spotted the outgoing mail tray.  As I’ve aged, I’ve become nostalgic for many things.  I never imagined that a corner mail box  would be one of them. I suppose that I could start a fundraiser for the USPS to bring back those iconic and very necessary receptacles but I suspect that they’ve gone the same way as typewriters and gas station attendants.  I will still keep my eyes peeled but by the time I find one, snail mail will be just a faint memory.

About Julie Brandon

60ish poet/playwright/blogger living near the Windy City
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