Not Forgotten

Today, I remember the dead

Those who’s last days were spent toiling for the enemy

Digging the graves of their families

Waiting for a word, searching the crowd for a familiar face

Pleading with God, shaking a fist at God, turning from God

Tracing the numbers etched forever in their arms

Burned into their skin, burned into their minds

Struggling for survival for just one more day

Will death come today or more horror carried out by those who used to be neighbors, possibly friends

Millions of strangers forced to live lower than animals

Beaten, mutilated, fodder for medical experiments

Dying with despair in their eyes, hopelessness in their hearts

The few saved know they should feel lucky to be alive

But alone, so alone in the world

I vow to never forget them, to keep them alive in my heart

My heart aches for the lost, for those that survived

Today, I remember the dead

About Julie Brandon

60ish poet/playwright/blogger living near the Windy City
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